Organic Cider

We make pure juice ciders that ferment naturally and are bottled without any pasteurization or carbonation - a prime example of the ancestral cider-making process, guaranteeing optimum development of the aromas and truly exceptional flavours.

Cidre brut, cidre demi-sec Our dry cider, with its complex and delicate notes of leather and mown hay, is an ideal accompaniment to savoury food.

Our medium-sweet cider is light and fruity with apple and floral aromas - a perfect drink to pair with desserts, cakes and pastries.

And last but not least, our “Cuvée Sélectionnée du Perche” is a medium-sweet cider made with traditional apple varieties from the Perche region. This cider combines a subtle hint of vanilla with a taste that lingers pleasingly on the palate.

Calvados : You’ll appreciate the complex aromas of our Calvados of 10 years old in carafe

Calvados distillés dans notre alambic The ciders selected for making Calvados are left to ferment in vats for a number of months and then distilled on-site. We are currently the only farm in the Perche to possess an in-house still.

Our Calvados is aged slowly in oak barrels from where it draws its colour and fullness, while losing nothing of its strength and fruity flavour. We offer a 58% abv variety – the type of Calvados that our grandfathers used to drink - and a more classic 42% abv variety with woody and fruity aromas.

Organic Apple juice

Jus de pomme, marque Parc naturel régional du Perche Our apple juices are bottled and pasteurized straight from the press. They are guaranteed pure juice, free of preservatives and additives. These juices have been awarded the Natural Regional Park of Le Perche label.

Our clear apple juice is a judicious blend of bittersweet and sharp apples – a perfect day-time juice that can be drunk without moderation!

We also make a cloudy apple juice with pulp, which is prepared with a bittersweet apple variety – the Saint Hilaire - typical of the Perche region. A drink of this apple juice, which is rich in polyphenols and fructose, is an ideal way to start the day.

Organic Apple-orange juice

Jus de pomme-orange The apple-orange juice is a blend of our clear apple juice, which is prepared with bittersweet and sharp apples, and an organic Moroccan orange juice. It is also guaranteed preservative and additive-free.

You’ll love this sweet and refreshing fruit juice at breakfast or at any other time of the day.

Cider jam and apple geléee

Confiture de cidre, gelée de pomme Our cider jam is a slowly cooked blend of sweet cider combined with 30% sugar, and it will delight anyone partial to bittersweet flavours.
Perfect on bread and with pancakes, it can also be used as a very tasty complement to savoury dishes (roast pork, for example).

The apple gelée is prepared with our sweet cider apples and is an absolute treat on pancakes and at breakfast!


Apéritif Trahant « Trahant », is our aperitif drink. It is a subtle blend of apple alcohol and apple juice from a variety of cider apples typical of the Perche region. At 17% abv, it is a full-bodied aperitif with an amber hue, which is best served chilled.

“Trahant”, incidentally, is the name of the forest that covered our land around the year 1,000.

Organic Normandy Pommeau

Pommeau Our Pommeau – a blend of Calvados and cider - is the Normandy aperitif par excellence!

Aged in oak barrels, it is 16.5% abv and is best served chilled.

Organic Cider vinegar

vinaigre de cidre Cider vinegar is made from selected ciders and specially aged in vats. It is a very fruity vinegar and prepared the natural way, as our grandmothers used to do.

It goes very well in salads – and some people even credit it with youth-giving properties!

Organic Poiré

poiré Made from rigorously selected pears, poiré is produced in the same way as cider.
Our poiré is very fruity and refreshing with a slightly crisp taste to start, like a dry white wine.

It is served as an aperitif in a flute glass. At only 4% abv, this is an aperitif that is low on alcohol and light on the palate and will amaze your guests!

Poire William brandy

eau de vie poire william This 45% abv brandy is produced from the direct fermentation of Poire William pears which are crushed and kept in barrels for several months and then distilled. The brandy will then spend a further few months in vats, to ensure that it retains its crystalline aspect.

Fans of pear brandy will love its aromatic flavours and fruity notes.

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